About Us

Dr. David Jack London

Dr. David Jack is a London based aesthetic doctor, with an interest in skin health and anti-ageing.

Dr. Jack designed his Integrative Beauty line of products to address the growing demand for high quality skin health products that actually work. He is a firm believer that healthy skin is a reflection of a healthy body within, so with this in mind has created this line with a dual mechanism of delivery, both topically with high strength, evidence based active antioxidant skincare preparations, and orally with antioxidant and superfood based supplements.

Dr. Jack’s personal interest in this field comes from the concept of integrative medicine, where lifestyle, exercise, diet and evidence based medical approaches are all used and combined to create the best possible internal environment to support a healthy body. This, when applied to skin and beauty, Dr. Jack believes is the best way tor everyone to have the best skin possible.